I haven't been paying attention...there's a gantry that's used with a v5 e3d,

I haven’t been paying attention…there’s a gantry that’s used with a v5 e3d, and has two fans for the hot end and the part being printed, I’ve seen it on one of out Ingent/Eust/Quad/Things, but I’ve never seen a link to an STL

Any thoughts? The two headed gantry that came with the ingentis parts isn’t going to work for my needs.

There is the Eustathios original but Jason modified it for single and using roller bearings . I have it somewhere, I will hunt it down. Bad thing is there is no part cooling fan location.

I saw one that retained the hot end with zip ties, it was cubic with dual bearings in each axis (what I’m really looking for, but I could of sworn it had fans on both axes, again to cool the hot end and the part being printed…

if you get me some specs and a sketch I’ll model something