I have two high school makers that need your help.

I have two high school makers that need your help. They have a short survey that will gauge user interest in 3D printed cases. If you have time please fill out the survey for @frozenlavacases. Thank you so much!


Done :slight_smile: good luck to them!

Hm, no option to say that I don’t care for phone cases and so wouldn’t pay.

Done sir. Good luck

Thanks for all of the support!

@Juliane_Clausen yeah, I don’t think that crossed their minds. Good point. I will let them know. Thanks.

Asking people in a 3D printing community, if they are interested in buying cases (that they can print themselves) doesn’t reflect a correct outcome…

@Mano_Biletsky_Open_M The goal of the survey was to provide feedback for the kids. I apologize if my original intent wasn’t clear. They are not in a position to sell cases to anyone that isn’t in direct contact with them. I hoped that people with real experience printing and selling 3D printed items would reach out to them organically and provide advice and insight.

Ah I see…

Maybe they have specific questions for the community? Do they have any idea about fixed and per unit costs, or setup and print time?

As a high school student who has tried to sell printed cases, I can tell you the local demand isn’t high enough for me to sell them at $10.00, which was the lowest cost on that survey.