I have recently had to delete some spam posts that already had comments from

I have recently had to delete some spam posts that already had comments from this community. This is a quick reminder from the moderators to not interact with spammers. This community receives dozens of spam posts each day, most of which you never see because G+ marks them as possible spam and requires us to approve them, but a few get through and show up for the rest of you before we see and delete them. We will delete these posts as soon as we see them, but we would rather not have to delete comments from legitimate community members.

Remember, We have a zero-tolerance policy on spam. When posting, please make sure what you’re posting clearly indicates what it has to do with 3D printing. I have occasionally even deleted posts linking to valid content because they included no description and may have been posted by someone with a financial interest (in one case, after seeing this, I wrote my own post to the community linking to the same page, but with a proper description rather than looking like drive-by spam). When you post a link, be sure to include a brief description of what it is about and why it is relative to the community.

I do exactly the same, except I’m a little more harsh. I rarely, if ever, hit the “remove post” button vs the “remove, report, and ban” button…though I’m fine with a little self promotion, especially if it’s of interest to the community; a new online shop, new filament supplier, new product from existing supplier possibly, all within reason.

But if you post, and you look “suspicious” (nothing posted on your account publicly, not following anyone, etc) then I ban without hesitation.