I have my 3D printer on a desk which is in the corner of

I have my 3D printer on a desk which is in the corner of my loft. I bought this desk from Goodwill because it is very sturdy and would not wiggle when the printer was printing however the desk has a hard-smooth top. At first I thought the top would be great for my printer however once I started printing I realize that because the surface was so smooth the printer would move around the desk while it was printing. This quickly because a problem as the printer would move close to the end of the table. On some of my longer prints, I would need to move the printer back while it was printing. Trust me it is never a good idea to move the printer while it was printing.

We stick sticky rubber bumpons onto the bottoms of a lot of our vibration-prone equipment at work, because there’s a lot of frustration involved when a $25,000 piece of test equipment jumps off the lab table onto the concrete floor.

It is never good when $25,000 piece of equipment hits the floor. I would imagine people get fired for that :(. Rubber feet is an excellent idea, and I did consider those however I wanted to try to stay away from anything that I had to stick on the printer or the desk which is why I got the non-adhesive shelf liners.

I like that solution. The sticky bumpons collect dust and hair and end up both gross and less effective over time.

I’ve never cleaned the $0.10 adhesive feet I put on my printers. Just checked them after two years and multiple moves and… only light dust, no hair.

Actually, they’re some of the cleanest things on the top of my workbench as the printer frame protects them from the debris that seems to end up on everything else.

Another use for mouse pads.

In addition, lots of times its worth putting some vibration dampening/absorbing feet on box-frames like that.