I have K40 With C3D using LW (current rev)and have been for the most

I have K40 With C3D using LW (current rev)and have been for the most part been doing vector files with no problems… some as long as 45 min. Now I’m trying to learn raster engraving but keep having comm. or some other issues with the program stopping.

This usually happens after 3 to 7 min of the program running and I’m having to go back and completely restarting after noting the y axis position (Program is stating at the bottom going to the top). I turn the laser back on at the dropped off point. This happens about 70% of the time. I’m running at 4000 mm/min but have tried it also at 3000mm/min and the results are the same.

I’m using a Ferrite shielded USB cable is 2 ft long (I have four cables now) These pictures below show the screen at starting, when it just decides to miscommunicate and also the raster image which took two runs to complete because of stoppage.

On the procnc site I noted the statement about “Consider installing grbl-LPC on your smoothie compatible board for real fast raster engraving.”

Is this the logical route to go? If so, I have some questions about the instructions and terms used.

Have you made this question on the C3D community?

No, I did not but I can. I picked this community because of the cncpro statement about Grbl. I’ll post it there.

@Steve_Clark yes I suggest you do. I haven’t seen this type of behavior in general