I have followed the wiki on how to set up the BLTouch but I

I have posted a few times on here and in my first post I stated that I bought an MKS and I also have a Smoothie.I am using the MkS to make sure everything is working fine before I use the Smoothie.I rather throw away 30 bucks than 100+ if I fry something.I get you must be swamped with issues everyday and every ones time is extremely valuable.I just wanted to point out that when starting out.You have to learn quite a bit and many things are handled differently between controllers…I will post a video in a little while.Thanks

Ok Arthur I will get that video up but just checking the M114 code on my setup I noticed alpha and beta are reporting the wrong coordinates.When alpha and beta are on the min endstops and they are triggered the coordinates that I get after entering the M114 code are

Recv: ok C: X:-470.0000 Y:180.0000 Z:0.0000 E:0.0000

I’m guessing that the g32 issue I am having isn’t due to the leveling having issues but that the machine doesn’t know where the extruder is in relation to the bed.You took a look at my config.I am using a 220x220x200 operating height machine.

The g28 command doesn’t work either whenever I send the g28 I hear a very low humming from the motors I think but they don’t move. I can however move them through Octoprint with the arrow keys.

So when you get the MKS board up and running and nothing has fried you’ll go and buy a genuine smoothieboard?
Somehow I doubt that.
I can assure you BLtouch works on a genuine smoothieboard as I have that exact setup. I suggest you order one.

I already have a Smoothieboard.I purchased the MKS as a 30 dollar write off in case I fried it.I often do this when trying out new stuff.Like I said before I stated this in my first two or three posts on here.The BLTouch works it is just starting the first attempt at probing on the right side of the bed and continues towards the right.I also can’t get g28 to work it says ok as the response on Octoprint but it doesn’t move I just hear a faint humming sound.

@Antonio_Gil MKS boards are notorious for generating strange issues.
I suggest you try it with your smoothieboard.

G32 will not work without a homed machine ( see documentation, this means you have to do G28 before you do G32 ).
If G28 doesn’t work the way you describe, it likely means the motors are stalling because you are trying to move them too fast, try reducing your acceleration and homing speeds ( MKS is famous for stalling too easily ).

Arthur I have everything working as it should the endstops and the BLTouch are working fine but when I home with g28 and then use g32 it raises the extruder an then comes back down and crushes the z min endstop.On its way down the endstop is triggered but it doesn’t stop.G28 works as it should.

Any idea what may be causing this? Everything seems to be working correctly I just can’t seem to figure out why the extruder lifts up tgen comes crashing down onto the endstop after homing with g28 and then attempting g32.

Could I get a video with both the machine’s behavior, and pronterface’s console before and after the G28 and G32 ?

Here is a short vid of g28

Here is a quick vid of the Octoprint terminal during the g28


The endstop bracket broke during the g32 command so I couldn’t get you that vid but the next vid is of the terminal in Octoprint during the g32


The g32 commend when I use it and the printer is homed it drops until it activates he z min endstop then raises up maybe 10-20mm and then continues to drop down in the homed position untl it activates the zmin endstop again but continues to try to go lower and just crushes the z min andstop to bits and pieces.I have already crushed three endstops.I don’t know if you specifically need Pronterface because I don’t use it but if I get the bracket fixed for the endstop I will be more than happy to download it and give you the results.

You say the problem is when you do G28 then G32 it does something weird, I was expecting a video showing that …

The endstop and bracket broke while I was trying to film it. I am waiting for a new one since I can’t print it at the moment. The g32 command is the problem it activates the probe pin down and then with the extruder in the home position it lifts 30-50mm and then comes down in the same position until it hits the endstop and continues trying to go lower.

Here is the video of what g32 does I stopped the printer before it could crush the endstop again

It would have triggered the endstop and continued to try to go lower breaking the endstop.

Does anyone have any clue why it is doing that?

Any ideas on what can be causing this Arthur?

I’m sorry I have such a hard time understanding what’s wrong. I’ve re-read
everything in this post and watched the videos and I’m still lost …
What’s the result of M114 after you do a G28 ?

Arthur you helped me figure out quite a few problems so there is all kinds of information in here.

After the G28 command is issued and it homes the M114 shows

Recv: ok C: X:0.0000 Y:0.0000 Z:0.0000 E:0.0000

Let’s just say I finished wring up the BLTouch for the first time and made sure it is working correctly.Would it work by just entering g30 and then g28 and finally g32?

Well first you do G28 so you are close to the bed, then you go up ( G1 Z20 ) so you are sure you don’t hit the bed, then you move to the center of the bed ( this might be unnecessary but try : G1 X100 Y100 ), then you do your G32 which levels everything, then you do G30 zSomething so that the probe touches the bed and sets the Z position to “something”. Also if you are using a bltouch you need to deploy the probe before you do all of this.