I have designed this miniquad pod the problem is in that i will be

I have designed this miniquad pod

the problem is in that i will be printing in tpu
And the support for it isn’t ideal.
And now am struggling in which orientation it should be?
Any suggestions is appreciated :slight_smile:

I’d consider printing it in halves and gluing them together.

@John_Bump can’t do it because of the miniquad is prone to too many crashes

What about adding features that allow you to re-orient your print. It looks terribly vulnerable like that.

@Duncan_Gunn features such as?

@Saud_Don_t ​ How about removable custom supports and edging. Because I see a tall print with a small area on the print bed I’d lay it down on the open side. This unfortunately does not have a lot of contact thus requiring a brim or suchlike.

Design tweaks will yield easier printing.

@Duncan_Gunn thanks mate I’ll be doing some tweaking

My TPU doesn’t bridge too well, so I’d probably print it with the screw holes facing up and some support for the overhangs. I get excellent layer adhesion with TPU, so I’d be less worried about printing it vertically to get the right grain direction for the screw holes.

Just s thought here but does your printer have dual extrusion? If it does you could use soluable support and make your life really easy.

Print it on a corner with the supports generated by Meshmixer

@Duncan_Gunn no I don’t

@Nick_Kloski couldn’t figure out how to work with meshmixer it’s too complicated