I have been using a modified Marlin firmware for controlling a CNC machine.

I have been using a modified Marlin firmware for controlling a CNC machine. I use the same g-code than for 3D printing but I have no heaters and no thermistors. I was testing GCode Simulator too see if it might fit for getting rid of the PC and use a tablet instead for sending the g-code to the Arduino Mega, but I keep on getting Timeout waiting for printer response at line #0. I guess it is due to the fact that “M105” command is responded with “Error: No thermistors - no temp”.

Do you think that will preclude the normal sending behaviour of your application? (Of course the graphical representation is non existing but I could live without it).

Thanks a lot.


miguel meanwhile play with firmware…
add an resistor on t0 and you resolve fast this issue .

or define this value…
#define HEATER_0_MINTEMP -100//5
#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 50000//275

@Mauro_Manco Good idea :slight_smile:

just update…i look now shauki configuration with him value for no have fault with thermoresistor, him no use it for printing :stuck_out_tongue:

Miguel, you should take a look at cyclon’s pcb factory modified marlin :smiley:

Thanks @Nicolas_Arias , you saved me a resistor :slight_smile:

yes, M105 commands will timeout because the App is waiting for an “ok” response from the printer. It should not preclude the other commands , M105 will just delay them. You could try disabling “strict mode” in the communication options or reduce the timeout.

Thanks @Mathias_Dietz . I did as @Mauro_Manco suggested and enabled the thermistor and disabled the low temperature limit on Marlin so It provides the expected response. Everything looked ok, I bought the app and tomorrow morning I will give it a go in the workshop. My machine is 2000x1200mm size but, as I said, having a graphical display is not a priority, I just hope X and Y values are not truncated /(currently I have setu the largest size available of 600x600 on the app).

ok. the bed size config is just for the graphical display. it will not truncate the gcode coordinates when printing

It is working happily with GcodePrintr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT_-fAsAlsg and the gcode network send works great for us.