I have a new Ox with a TinyG,

I have a new Ox with a TinyG, Im trying to learn and get configured. I have downloaded FTDI drivers and have issued some commands, like the ones suggested: g1 f400 50x. I have found that the steppers run to the end of the axes and Ive had to shorten the distance that I enter. That’s not the big problem. I have issued the commands on Cool Term, and I keep getting the message Serial Port Error…Access Denied. And my board is shut off. How do I correct that?

Isn’t a tinyG USB driven device? If you’re getting a serial port error then it is possible that you have something configured incorrectly. I could not tell you for sure because I use an industrial grade driver

Yes it is. I probably do. Maybe I can contact someone at synthetos who can solve my problem.

Check you setting in your controller. Also try using Easel which is a TinyG compatible control software go to http://inventables.com that’s where you will find Easel. The software works well.

Actually Easel is NOT compatible with tinyG. Can you describe your wiring configuration and be precise as to what is connected to where.

You are absolutely right Rob I forgot that Easel does not have or support the transport protocol required for TinyG

Its chilipepper that supports TinyG

Yes, that has to be the problem. I just saw the TinyG wiki and it helped to explain some of the things I was seeing