I have a mBot.

I have a mBot. The machine is really badly constructed but it prints fairly well.

I’m using replicatorG and have been experimenting and refining the settings.

I’ve been having really good results with the following settings in replicatorG. I’m printing with PLA. I hope this helps someone.

Does anyone have good settings I can apply for the raft? I’m struggling to remove it after a print.


BTW: This is a duel extruder machine so use the right extruder settings.

Whats on your bed? Ktape, glue/glue stick,blue tape?

You can print PLA on blue or green painters tape without a raft just fine.

In my experience, lowering the temperature and reducing extrusion (by artificially raising the filament diameter to make the slicer think it needs to back down on the amount of incoming filament to push), you’ll have less fusing between the raft and the print. When using SkeinForge, you can also adjust the raft feed rate (adjust in 1-2% increments) to thin the interface down even more. When done right, the stuff just pulls off like velcro!

Thanks to the pro tip. I’m going to try that. I have been playing around with the settings in Skeinforce but something in my settings have prevented the gcode from properly exporting to the SD cart. This sounds like a great tip.

@Shachar_Weis Those products aren’t that easy to come by in my country :frowning:

I use nothing. I print directly onto the print-bed. For most models, I just use my dremel to remove the raft but sometimes it gets tricky.

You can buy rolls of painters tape on ebay, it’s pretty cheap. Also, in some countries it’s called Masking tape.

I would experiment with any kind of tape you can find that is cheap. If it has a rough surface, it might work.

Things don’t always arrive here and when they do, I get taxed over 20%. Shipping is very expensive and usually cost more than the product and I have no guarantee that I’ll get it. We do have masking tape and it’s off-white in colour over here. I’ll give that a try. Thankx

I use a white masking tape but it says 8 day. I suspect it is very close to the blue tape but with no color. This was the only tape i found that said 8 day all the others were common masking tape and this tape works really well. Try to look for that.