I had the strangest issue.

I had the strangest issue. The spindle would go to the next corner and then I needed to press Stop feed and resume two times and then it would do a streight line again. I noticed the TinyG buffer was full to 32.
I know the job was simple just a recktangel but since I have no precision saw i did it with the shapeoko…

Ralf To speed up an answer, I would guess John will want to know what version of spjs you have running

Json 1,7

You might want to try the new ver1.8, improved garbage collection and faster. Do you run SPJS on Laptop, Pi, etc?

I am running it on a Laptop
Yes I will try it. But as said this was the first time the buffer was at 32 in tinyg. Also I have been seeing the feedhold is always red is that normal ?

So unless it is a ‘slow’ laptop, resources should not be an issue.
But SPJS has come a long way from 1.7 - particularly in thruput speed…
I have never used Freehold, but it is red on my display, and I believe that is normal. (I view it as “Virtual Emergency Stop”, without the side efffects of pulling power,sort of) tinyG buffer at 32 indicates constipation of data flow, I believe.

I would try SPJS version 1.80 that was just published. It really has a lot of improvements that likely solve this scenario.