I had a hard time understanding the G2/G3 Gcode format,

I had a hard time understanding the G2/G3 Gcode format, especially how to calculate the bounding box and the angles (theta & delta) for the java drawArc function. Finally I made it by using atan2() function instead of atan().
I added G2/G3 Gcode support to GCodeSimulator v098 , it is available on Thingiverse . Feedback is highly welcome.

Sorry you’re not getting as much love on here as you deserve. That’s some complicated math. Thanks for all the hard work. I didn’t know about your software before, but do you think you would be interested in adding 3D capability? Simulating gcode is awesome, especially when you have G2 and G3 support, but not being able to look at it from an isometric perspective leaves me wanting more.

@ThantiK Thanks. I started GcodeSimulator because the existing 3D gcode viewers did not provide enough detail to understand whats going on. My primary goal was to have a tool which allows me to find slicer problems and optimize print settings and speed.
I agree that an isometric view would be a nice addition. I’ll put it on my feature wish list.