I got the lighting how I want it.

I got the lighting how I want it. Not bad for some free lights salvaged from a store display.


It official my enclosure is crap when compared to yours :slight_smile:

Aw dont be so hard on yourself , it’s just not done yet. :slight_smile:

I still need to do the plexi-enclosure for the top half. Ive got it all planned out in my head but I need a way to shape it . Also have some little heatsinks for the motors on the way (ebay 25x25x10), but with the enclosure uptop I should be able to have the AC blasting so its not 95 in here and not warp prints. Yesterday it was 95 in my room.

Ah tell me about it I start my printer up and it’s like a sauna in my office…

You could always make a shaping rig. Two ways of doing so, well three I guess it results in rounded corners though.

  1. is with a jig that would give you all the angles you need for bending, with a heatgun run a few passes of heat while applying moderate pressure to the plexy, just not to long with the heat gun it starts to cause bubbles.

  2. build a plexy bender, pretty much the same concept as above accept its a heated rod that you hold the plexy over and bend it that way (just hot enough to cause a bend not a burn)

3… I forgot what I was going to say for number three…

I just need a little table saw and miter saw but I dont have money or space for them :smiley:

I have a 1953 model 8 scroll saw you could use if you were close :). And a drill press amongst many other fun tools.

Thing looks like a damn UFO. Keep up the good work!

I think it looks like a stove burner, TBH… Appropriate!

The red ring kind of reminds me of the back of a running turbine engine.

hey you forgot to turn off the stove … o wait … its a 3d printer ! woo hooo !

Is it obvious I was thinking about an F117A while making it?

If your first reaction is “what the hell am I looking at aside from some lights” That was after all my intention and I am greatly amused.
If this doesnt make sense google F117A, I’ve named my printer the Nighthawk. :smiley:

@Jon_Caywood You just made my day. I’ve been patiently waiting (well not really I woke up to check once or twice) for someone to see what I see. Also intended the red/white/blue and the blue and white to mimic taxi lights. :slight_smile:

Looks nice

Huh, now I see it. Thing does look incredible!