I forgot to share that with this community...

I forgot to share that with this community…

Originally shared by Mathias Dietz

For all who are interested in a cheap touch screen interface for their 3D Printer.
I found a cheap tablet which works very well with the #GCodePrintr App to control my 3D Printer. I bought the Yuntab D102 on Amazon for ~70$ !
While the display resolution of the tablet is quite rough for normal use, it is perfect for showing the 3D printer controls (move XYZ, home,…). The performance is good as well, receiving a 50MB gcode file over network is much faster then with my old Intenso tablet. The 2M back-facing camera is good enough for watching a print remotely using the GCodePrintr Web interface.
And the best thing is: The Yuntab tablet has a dedicated power port to be independent of the batterie while printing. The USB port is used for the 3D printer connection (USB-OTG Adapter required).

Meanwhile I did several 3-5h prints without any issue, therefore I thought it would be good to share my insights.

Picture shows my my 3D printer with self-made chassis and attached Yuntab tablet running the GcodePrintr App.

GCodePrintr Homepage: http://3dprintapps.de

I found $29 Chinese made tablets with dedicated power ports that also work perfectly, 7 inch screens, added OTG cable and has never failed, but I load from my Google drive, as the tablet is also online while using it, thanks for the good info on how you are running it.

@Ronald_Whittington would you mind sharing the name of the tablet or a link where one could buy it ?

Azpen-Innovation LogoAzpen Innovation A746G Tablet; LCD 7" 800x480 Display; Allwinner A33 1.33GHz Quad-Core; 1GB RAM & 8GB SSD Storage; Android 5.1 Lollipop OS
$49.99 SAVE $41.61
They last sold for 8.38 lol, I bought two a year ago, they still work great, but I paid 29.99 each. They were at MicroCenter in Ohio