I finished my truggy this week.  The last piece was the pinion gear to

I finished my truggy this week. The last piece was the pinion gear to drive the center differential. I found out the sper gear I ordered was a Mod 1 pitch not a 48 pitch that I thought. The only pinion that the local hobby store had was for a 5mm shaft. The shaft I have is 3mm. I decided to use my old brushed motor. Any way take a look. Thanks again Beerspin/Dan.

Do you have some CAD file for those wheels? They look sweet!

I didn’t make them. They files are at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26703 I contacted the guy and he scaled it up to 72mm for me. ( they were 50mm for a street car. I printed them with support at .24mm out of PLA. They are light and strong. I took the car out today and ran it around. It works! Util I hit a curb. Broke the front fork and the front shock tower. No worries I’ll make more. This time I am going to try using the HIPLA. It is supposed to stand up to more shock.

@Bill_Ide also try Nylon. Many people are extruding it at 230-240 (246 is where PEEK starts to melt though, so be careful) and it can absorb dyes, as well as take the increased shock. But you’ve gotta do some extra stuff to keep it pinned down to the bed while printing.