I don't get this.

I don’t get this. I’ve got an end stop on the maximum end of the Z axis. It’s connected as Z1.

No matter what i do, end_stop_Z1_stops = z_pos, z_neg, z_cw or z_ccw, the behaviour is always exactly the same - the endstop stops negative motion only (i.e. movement towards 0). M574 behaves in exactly the same way.

What is going on? Am i going nuts?

Hehe, let’s hope not! A clean M574 should return the current config, how does that look? Are you editing local.cfg?

M574 by itself returns the correct setup (regardless of whether i set it up via cfg or override via gcode). But the actual behaviour is always the same, no matter what it’s set to.

I’m using a custom .cfg i edited for my machine, but i’ve tried editing local.cfg as well. I’ve currently have it empty and am using just the printer-specific .cfg (sanity check).

I’ve tried Z2 as well, same behaviour.

I think i might be going crazy. Now it’s suddenly working.

Maybe i’ve had it overriden in local.cfg and forgot to restart after clearing it. No idea :confused:

That might be it. But the M574 should give you the current config no matter what is in the config files.

Then i’ve got no idea what happened. I was moving the Z axis up and down and triggering the endstop with my finger. It would only stop the negative movement, regardless of what M574 was returning. Weird.