I din not found broken bike chain,

I din not found broken bike chain, but i found these 2 pieces from old tries. Al & brass, in the middle the bic gear. Asfaics, i get contact only on one bearing. By hand works like wooow. Curious regarding the returning bearing. The brass will get cut& 2 m3 small screws. Any tips?

Just do it: https://plus.google.com/112467558426863470913/posts/2m4oty9oZcp :slight_smile:

Thx Max . How do you do the tensionon fillament?

Shauki, i checked the tension& the angle between surface & motor axle tangent…

@Darkberg_Aryavis adjust the distance between mk8 and bearing to 1,5mm. no springs-no problems .

On delta also

@shauki Yes, but plastic parts works like springs. is too complex for me.

@shauki ​​ no, my bearing is mounted on metal (alu), and Your bearings are mounted on plastic parts. this make a different physic.