I developed this for my Geeetech 3D printer,

I developed this for my Geeetech 3D printer, but it may be an inspiration for other delta owners.

Originally shared by Jason McMullan

My twist-lock effector development slowly continues.

I’m now using a 6-notched twist lock, instead of the older cam-in-hole style, and abandoned the fan-above-the-effector style for now.

Nozzle cooling for PLA printing is done with a airline to an aquarium air pump - it’s surprisingly effective, and reduces on-effector weight.

Calibration needs to be done, but a quick test shows that it doesn’t immediately fall apart or unlock during printing.

For easier printability of the effector - and for quick replacement if it melts - the airline “foot” is a snap-on part.

Is dat compressed air for cooling?

Yes, it is. I use an aquarium airline pump.

Thats what i though nice^^

Interesting! How is the surface quality of the side of the part opposite the air pump? Would splitting the hose to get more even airflow be a benefit?

Surface quality is a bit poorer on the opposite side. I have some alternate foot designs I want to test to try to solve that issue.

Air flow is more than adequate for two or three orifices.