I bought some small HexaTrees from holidaycoro.com for the front yard.

(Alex Tatistcheff) #1

I bought some small HexaTrees from http://holidaycoro.com for the front yard. I have 7 of these and each has 6 pixels in the base. So I want to do some effects like a chaser or alternating trees with different colors. What it requires is basically treating them like a string of 7 lights instead of 42 pixels. There may be some effects where I would want multiple colors in the same tree but I can use some of the ready-made FastLED patterns for that.

I’m wondering if anyone has or knows of some code I can use to get started? I’m pretty good at tweaking other things to do what I want but starting from scratch is pretty time consuming.

The plan is to control the patterns via a script using Jason Coon’s FastLED Webserver. This way it will look synchronized with the two trees (https://github.com/evilgeniuslabs/tree-v2) I already have.

BTW, the hexatrees looked good on the web site but my wife thinks they look like traffic cones in the yard. Kind of hard to disagree but I spent hours cutting apart the pixels and splicing the wiring. So they’re definitely going to get used this year!


(Marc Miller) #2

Here’s a sketch that might give you some ideas.

Or one with an equation to help repeat something.

Or what about using a simple for loop (0-5) inside another for loop (0-6)?

(Ken White) #3

@Alex_Tatistcheff - For your chase animations you might want to look at the following posts using chase code:

You might also want to consider using CRGBSet on your hexa trees. Here are some examples of using CRGBSet that might work well on your smaller LED strips on the hexa trees:

Finally, don’t forget to try @Mark_Kriegsman 's Twinklefox sketch on your hexa trees and it is on GitHub Gist at:

with a video at: