I am wondering if anyone else has see issues with SPJS 1.83.

(Anthony Webb) #1

I am wondering if anyone else has see issues with SPJS 1.83. For me, 1.83 is taking several seconds to process each command and crashes after running for a few minutes. I am on TinyG 440.16 which is pretty bleeding edge. I loaded the previous version of SPJS 1.80 and it works beautifully without a hiccup. I have tried restarting the browser and SPJS but there is something in 1.83 still giving some grief.

(Anthony Webb) #2

The box having issues is indeed windows (chrome/tinyg 440.16). I also have a mac running 1.83 flawlessly with my G2, so I do think this is windows specific.


I ran a more tests and TinyG seems fine for me on Windows 8.1. I am on 440.14 though of TinyG. So that would seem like an odd reason for a difference, but I am definitely still seeing garbled text on Grbl. So, I’m wondering if the way the Atmel processor communicates has a small anomaly and that’s when garbled text occurs. @Anthony_Webb do you see garbled text? Or do you just get slowness and crashing?

(Anthony Webb) #4

@jlauer I wont be in front of my windows machine to test until this weekend. Can you tell me how to test for the garbled text and I will give it a whirl when I am back home. I am running Windows 7 SP1. Thanks.