I am so proud of these results from my personal programming project.

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I am so proud of these results from my personal programming project.

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I am very proud to announce that my bucket_mill program is now fully functional. It may have a bug or two to work out that I have not spotted yet, but it can take an image and convert it to rough cut or final cut gcode. The code was committed with redundant gcode suppression turned off which may cause issues for some. You just have to adjust a line near the bottom of the script to fix that. Take a look at the gcode files in chilipeppr and see what you think. My 200mm wide Mother’s Day present takes less than a minute to generate the gcode for and is estimated at about 10 hours of cut time. Cutting speeds may vary. Sorry for not having everything set up properly as parameters. I may be setting up a GUI for it later.

The gcode renderings are chilipeppr output.

(José María Martínez García) #2

Ademá ta quedao mu fisno.

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The G+ app on my tablet did not translate that for me. Hmmmm…

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@Jose_Maria_Martinez What language is that? Google can’t translate it and the hispanic girl at a restaurant says it is not Spanish.

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@NathanielStenzel where was she born? (sorry, is correct this question?)
I translate it into spanish. (see the diferences)
" Además te ha quedado muy fino"
More o less, “it was very cutty”

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@Jose_Maria_Martinez sorry. Bad translations.

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you’re wellcome