I am running ramps 1.4 and marlin 1.1.6 with an E3D hot end.

I am running ramps 1.4 and marlin 1.1.6 with an E3D hot end. Where should I start looking if my printer is having problems maintaining temp? As in occasionally the temp drops as much as 20 degrees before the heater can catch up. I am planning on running a new auto tune once the current print is finished. As near as I can tell my temp sensor is good and the heater cartridge measures what it is supposed to.

fix the thermister on hotend it would be loose if it doesnt fix the issue do the auto pid calibration

always autotune with the part cooling fan on . alternatively use insulation on your heater block to protect it from the blowing fan.

Perhaps a loose wire or intermittant connection if you haven’t checked for that yet.

i had same problem, the termistor cable is loose at the termistor end. it was not well tinned
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@Jeremy_Wasserstrass There are a couple things that you can easily check before you do the PID autotune that should all be pretty quick!

-Make sure the thermistor is securely held in the hotend.
-Make sure all the electrical connections are tight along the hotend and heater.
-Turning on and off a fan, whether it be the hotend fan or even a room fan can cause sharp changes in temperature if the printer isn’t calibrated to handle it.