I am just new of 3D Printer and survey of 3dsystems Printer.  I am

I am just new of 3D Printer and survey of 3dsystems Printer.
I am now interested in Z seires which support colors.
ZPrinter® 650

It specs tell :
Material :High performance composite
Number of Jets: 1520
Number of Print Heads : 5

I am not sure meaning of Number of jets , print heads.
Does it mean that it can print multiple colors/multiple meterials at one time.
It also said material : high performance composite.
I wonder if anyone familar with this material?

The Zprinter’s material is fine for decorative purposes, but will break if you touch it too roughly. If does full color printing with mediocre detail reproduction. Printing costs are magnitudes higher when compared to hobby-grade printers.

You get 5 colours and it prints in parallel using effectively inkjet nozzles. Famous for getting white powder everywhere.

Zprinters are very close to ‘real’ printers. That is they give you things on paper so you can show around and express your ideas.

For real 3D-objects you would be much better off with Objet or Stratasys, or any of the many consumer models that you see on this group.

Thanks for your comment. It seems zprinter is belong to 3dsystems. What is
different between 3d systems objet &stratasys?

Nothing, They’re playing buy-up-everyone-in-3D.

how does 3D Printer define durability? is it based on what material it uses or something else?
I just found the one website ,I wonder if all the material can uses any kinds of 3dprinter.

It depends on the material, the additives used to increase stiffness or flexibility, and even the pigments added. Happy to advise you. The ZPrinter stuff is different and prints with plaster, essentially. You can soak it in a kind of varnish to harden it up, but break it and all the powder usually comes out.

Got it!

I just found out there are different technology :
: stereolithography(SLAs)
: fused deposition modelling ->Thermoplastics (e.g. PLA, ABS), eutectic metals, edible materials
: Polyjet Matrix
: selective laser sintering->Thermoplastic powder
: Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)->Almost any metal alloy
: selective laser melting (SLM)
: multi-jet modelling (MJM)

I think ZPrinter is based on MJM.

I am just surprised that 3D print can do metal.

I do metal - sort of. I print in natural Diamond Age PLA, then coat that in investment, and treat it much as a lost-wax core. I have a lovely printed goblet cast in 610 stainless steel by Supreme Steels in NZ!

@Vik_Olliver Wow, What kind of 3Dprinter do you have or do you have your own. I just did googling and found your company, wow. That’s nice of homepage and of what you do.