I am interested in etching rubber stamps.

(Net Imp) #1

I am interested in etching rubber stamps. I know on some of the software that comes with k40 that there is a rubber stamp option where it builds shoulders for the actual stamp part of the stamp to sit on for support. I don’t see any kind of option in laser web for that. Anyone do this? Can you offer suggestions on how I should set this up? Thanks.

(Claudio Prezzi) #2

The easyest way to do that is using a graphics program to create a inverted bmp or jpg of the design you want to stamp.

(Net Imp) #3

@cprezzi Yes I know I need to invert a bmp or jpg fro the actual stamp, but how do you make shoulders to support the design in the jpg bmp?

(Claudio Prezzi) #4

What do you mean by shoulders? A groundplate that holds everything in position? You get that automatically when you adjust the laser power so that it just burns 50-70% of the rubber thickness away.

(Net Imp) #5

@cprezzi Look at a rubber stamp. There is the design, then under the design is an angled build up that supports the design so that it doesn’t break. The process is described here for whatever software adafruit was using.

(Claudio Prezzi) #6

You can reach that by making a color fade at the borders from gray to black. I use the glow function in fireworks for that (before inverting). Less dark means less power for the laser, so less deep the engrave. But that’s only needed for very fine details.

(Claudio Prezzi) #7

Like this:

(Net Imp) #8

Cool! Will give that a try when my stamp pads arrive.

(Roberto Bustos) #9

any result?!! im looking for "shoulder, ramper effect " option! D: