I am having some problem hooking up the power supply to the ramps board.

(Pedro Flores) #1

I am having some problem hooking up the power supply to the ramps board. The power supply is myjg40w. Where does D5 and D6 go on the power supply. I looked at the other drawings but they have a different power supply. This is getting connected to a ramps board.

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

D6 goes to in, D5 should go to K+(That should be the trigger on high pin)

(Pedro Flores) #3

Does L get used?

(ChiRag Chaudhari) #4


Check out pic 4 an 5. It should solve your issue for sure.

(Pedro Flores) #5

Thanks. I got it to fire now. Y axis seems to only go in one direction if I hit +or-. X axis is not working. Any suggestions?

(ChiRag Chaudhari) #6

You mean + and - in laser web Machine Control?

(Pedro Flores) #7


(ChiRag Chaudhari) #8

In laserweb x and y are inverted, so dont worry about that. I use LW to send quick commands like M5, G28 or G0 X0 Y0 F5000 etc. But I use Turnkey inkscape plugin to generate gcodes and run it via SD card. You can use LW to generate gcodes, but running it from the SD card it necessary. When you sent large gcode file via LW , because of lower speed and/or low memory it messes up the raster/cutting. The laser head wonder around while firing laser ruins the material.

(ChiRag Chaudhari) #9

+Peter van der Walt I can not wait for Smoothiebrainz to come out. Matter of fact I want to be US dealer if I can!

But You think if I lower the baud rate it may work? But hey we really need to talk about some something I have planned in my head.

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Do you have a Canadian re-seller?

(Pete OConnell) #11

or a UK? :slight_smile:

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and by UK I mean EU :slight_smile: