I am giving these away to anyone member of this group.

I am giving these away to anyone member of this group. I have orange and white material. I would entertain requests for materials and print options but some requests may have a cost. Keep in mind I have a production capacity of 1 per day if the 3d printer isn’t needed. Shipments start when I get back in town on the 7th of July. Prints by order of message below. Will ship cheapest option upgrades available. This will go on as long as it seems tenable. Happy Fourth!

That’s really Cool of you to do. Love the yellow BTW.


Put me down for a set please. They look like a great solution to the spindle mounting problem. I have the 400W spindle.

@Lee_Scott I photoed two different sizes. So you don’t get a “set” - I think they are 52 and 63mm - if you have the ox with the 400w that’s the same as mine, not only will I put you down for it, but the one in the photo is yours! I printed it at 25% density with a diamond pattern. Email me your snail mail address at jason.jensen@temperedenterprises.com

Could you make an stl file for a 65mm watercooled spindle? I have a 3D printer and can print my own. Need one soon as my spindle is on the way. (I will pay it forward for others if there is a request for one)

@funinthefalls will https://www.youmagine.com/designs/cnc-spindle-mount-for-openbuilds work? These are the files I am using…

Awesome, the 65mm version is perfect. Thanks for the link!

I’d like to have one… Not real fond of the ‘quick and dirty’ mounting method I’m stuck with atm. I have the 400w spindle. Any chance of a lime/ flourecent green to match my cable sheathing?

I’d LOVE one if it fits a dewalt 611? I think they are 69mm or something? If I supply a file does the offer still stand?

@Julius_Jahn yes.

@Travis_Messamer I don’t think I have any use for lime green for anything else. Maybe if you can find a deal on some for makerbot. (I actually have QIDI printer and so far it is awesome)

I’ll look. Black would work as well since all my rails are anodized blacn

thanks. I’ll just make my own file over the weekend and let you know.@TemperedEnterprises

@Julius_Jahn ​ take a look at +Peter van der Walt​’s rook mount for the 611 it should be on the openbuilds G+ group


I’ll make a small note here guys, then shut my mouth.

I personally had horrible luck with printed mounts. I did not try them in PETG. I did try them in nylon, pla, and ABS. From 50 to 100% infill. There was always a little more flex in the system.

Just my two cents!

Great way to help the group @TemperedEnterprises , awesome!

I realized my mount is slightly crooked (really noticeable with a 3/4" bit to plane my spoil board) and the thought of having to loose those 9 bolts, straighten, and then tighten them again (without twisting the mount) makes me want to look for another solution.

@Jace_Richardson you went to a huge spindle huh?
Which direction is the offset? X or Y?

Haven’t upgraded yet. Offset is on the X (as far as I know, if I cut in the other direction I might notice a Y offset too).