I am curious if anyone has tried electroplating the conductive filament.

I am curious if anyone has tried electroplating the conductive filament. If you have 2 extruders, you could print the conductive part in conductive filament the insolative part in regular PLA or ABS. Hook into the conductive filament and then electroplate the product to reduce the resistance of the filament. any thoughts?

CNC welder. Build up beads with a wire feed welder =P

@ThantiK I have read a couple of posts with respect to electroplating Vias for PCB making, It was in my head on the way to work I guess. I think I may have to purchase a 2 extruder device in the near future to cut back on my ask before do mentality.

I did not know there was conductive fillament. Where do i get it? What is the resistance?

Jeez, i’m so excited!!!

The resistance is really high. it is only for very low current application. it is basically carbon loaded plastic. here is an example, but I have seen batter filament if I am not mistaken.

It is only conductive in the academic since. but my thoughts were combining these 2 projects


I don’t think the conductivity needs to be really high to electroplate.

Have you thought about using the carbon in a pencil, ground up and mixed with some woodglue or so. Then rub the holes with the compound make sure the hole is open but the inner side of the hole should be covered in the goo. Let it dry and then use your favorite plating technique. (You can also use a liquid solder chemical)

I am interested in this as a way to prototype complex antenna designs for a low cost. For small universities this could be useful. Those just happened to be quick links I knew I could grab

Oh ok, i see. Interesting!