I added a motor mount to the design.  The design is coming along,

(André Roy) #1

I added a motor mount to the design. The design is coming along, getting close to a V1 flyable state. The motor I’m using a 2200KV 350W motor. This test print shows it still needs a few tweaks. I’m wondering how well it’ll hold up in a hard landing.

Started printing with brims based on the advice of @Alex_Fielder . Way better than rafts. No peel even for for longest part and warping is minimal. Recommended.

(Jan Koniarik) #2

what kind of 3d printer is that? O_o

(André Roy) #3

Printrbot Go Large. I love it. It has 3 extruders and a 2’x1’x1’ build volume. Perfect for making flying models.

(Joshua Updyke) #4

@Andre_Roy I made a section of the Open RC wiki for a RC plane. If you are interested you can document your project on the wiki so others can collaborate.