UPDATED! Win builds showing .731, fixed! Workspace rework,

UPDATED! Win builds showing .731, fixed!

Workspace rework, preparation for A-axis
Mill Ramp plunge
Context menu ‘Copy to all ops’ on specific fields.
Machine Zoom / Work Zoom
Updated Emblaser2 profile
Fixed some Concurrency bugs
Optimized builds for faster gcode generation.

UPDATED! Win builds showing .731, fixed! Thanks @Tony_Sobczak

@Jorge_Robles I think you should delete the older Windows installers (LaserWeb.Setup.4.0.78-32.exe / LaserWeb.Setup.4.0.78-64.exe)

Done :slight_smile: Github messed around

@Jorge_Robles I got a strange problem. First the Mach and Doc buttons work fine, but after connecting the machine, they destroy the workspace (all gray and not movable anymore).

:fearful: @Todd_Fleming ​?

@cprezzi @Jorge_Robles I just pushed a fix.

I am having an issue with the workspace being moved to a unusable area after I home. I am wondering if it is the gcode I am using to tell the machine it’s correct position after homing ? C3D board running GRBL-LPC. Check out the screencast:

Homing gcode:
G10 L2 P1 X-300 Y-200

@Arion_McCartney LW now needs you to tell it the machine bounds in machine coordinates. Enter -300 and -200 into Settings -> Machine -> Machine Left X, Machine Bottom Y.

@Todd_Fleming ​ beautiful. That worked, and sorry if I missed that somewhere in the manual. Love the new workspace!

I don’t think anyone’s updated the manual yet for the new workspace.