Oh gods! How is that possible?

(Sergey Smirnov) #1
Oh gods! How is that possible?

(Whosawhatsis) #2

Cutting more and more corners.

(Günter Schütz) #3

hard times for MakiBox … same price, but really available

(Michael Audette) #4

Look you can make button sized objects! (LOL) - It could be a fun/cheap intro printer just to learn the basics although when I started out I wanted something that wasn’t completely wrought with issues from the get-go. If it gets someone started cheap it’s better than nothing.

(Jasper Janssen) #5

I ordered one. The price is right.

(Tony Olivo) #6

I thought the original Printrbot was supposed to be $300?

(Niclas Öberg) #7

I also ordered one. At beta price.

(Jasper Janssen) #8

@Michael_Audette 100 mm cube is actually large enough for many objects, you seem to be thinking of a cube 10 mm or one inch or so. Old-style Mendel corners should fit in 100 mm iirc.

(Peter Seed) #9

Probably big enough to print all the components for a Reprap, from there you can just scale up. $299 makes a $2000 machine, don’t know about the size of the reprap pcb’s etc. But finding out would be worth the exercise, how much cheaper you could get larger equipment just by starting out small.

(Sandy Luck) #10

newbi to this - what computer program is used to design and run this beastie?

(Jeremy G (WeisTek Engineering)) #11

If I had the money is buy it just for the hell of it… But fishing line for belts? Does that actually work well?

(Stephen Baird) #12

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng Fishing line belts have worked well for the Tantillus, so it’s not impossible. I don’t know about this particular implementation though.

(Jasper Janssen) #13

I guess that’s what us beta testers will find out – but I suspect that they didn’t produce 99 kits without having done a couple of fairly serious internal alpha tests first.

BTW, those sold out quickly. 25 grand, in the pocket, just like that :slight_smile:

@Corey_Punches Where did you find a video?

(Niclas Öberg) #14

Can’t wait… Already designing parts for my Fpv needs

(Nils Hitze) #15

@Gunter_Schutz 100 Betas is not “available” but hey :wink:

(Jasper Janssen) #16

@Nils_Hitze well, they’re saying general orders will open May 20, but then you can order a production series Makibox now too :slight_smile:

(Robert Silvers) #17

One important difference - the Printrbot is shipping on Monday… The Maki is claiming 6-10 weeks, but who knows?

(Robert Silvers) #18

Kossel uses fishing line. The Simple comes with 60 lb Spectra line - which should be better than the screw drives in a Maki as they are more likely to have screw wobble and backlash.

(Nils Hitze) #19

@Robert_Silvers Printrbot Simple or Jr?

(Robert Silvers) #20

The Simple is the new one that they sold today for $250. I think they have 1 or 2 left that that price on their website. It uses Spectra line. I am not into cheap printers, but don’t want to buy a good one while waiting for my good one.