How would you create something like the logo that's on the back of Apple laptops?

I’m designing a raspberry pi project box. I want to have big light-up bold face text on the top of the box similar to the way Apple does their logo. It will say … “HANK” and pretty much cover the entire box which will be about …idk 3x5" by 1" deep. …So the top of the box will look like this:


I figure the way to do this would be to get some frosted acrylic, use the laser cutter at the library to cut out the letters, and put some LEDs behind them in the case. I’m making the case in Blender.

Is there a right way to do this or do I just have to experiment until I find the right way? What do you think about using frosted acrylic? Any suggestions for the type of LED to use? Any suggestions for how to join the cut out letters to the rest of the case? I was thinking leave a lip for the letters to sit on and then just glue them to that.

It would be ideal to cut the letters out of the top of the box and back it with the frosted acrylic. That way you can glue the middle of the “A” onto the acrylic. Then you directly light it with leds from the back or even edge light the acrylic. If you are printing the case can you build the outline of the letters into the print instead of cutting them out? (Not a 3D printing person myself).

I would use one of these (or maybe one for each letter, depending on the size):


You can use frosted acrylic and spray it on the back side with black acrylic spray paint. Then laser away the paint on the location where you want to have the letters shine through.