How to reboot AZSMZ mini ver 1.2 into ISP mode?

I want flashing bootloader using FlashMagic, but i can’t boot board into ISP mode.
Can you help me?

Thanks very much!

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Does the board have an ISP or Bootloader button ? 

The board is not open-hardware so I can’t really give you much help with it, I recommend you contact the seller.

The board doesn’t have ISP button, but it have i pin for ISP.
I have a board’s schemetic, but i don’t know how to insert image.
ISP goes to pin 2.10

Then the process to get into bootloader mode is going to look something like this : 

  • Connect pin 2.10 to GND
  • Press reset button
  • Disconnect pin 2.10 from GND
  • Release reset button

That should do the trick

Why do you need to flash the bootloader by the way ? That’s not something people usually need to do.

Hi arthurwolf

because i want to flash firmware via usb cable instead of sdcard.
if use sdcard, sometimes user delete some file such as firmware.cur, config, etc. Then board will not use. So i want to flash the firmware to the FLASH memory of MCU.

I tried your method, but board can’t enter ISP mode.
When i release reset button, the board work normally.

I use Flash Magic’s terminal then type dfu command, the terminal display “entering dfu boot mode”.
But when see Windows Device Manager in COM port warning ! “smoothie”, that mean smoothie driver is wrong, althought it work normal in normal mode.

where i can find smoothie driver?

DFU is for linux only, won’t work with Windows.

Also, I don’t understand what you mean about needing to flash the bootloader : the bootloader is already present on your board, you don’t need to flash a new one …

Thanks arthurwolf
Because i want to flash firmware into board via usb cable instead of copy to sdcard.

Were you able to get this to work? I’m struggling with it now :frowning: