How to capture a website on your phone from a computer

While at work I stumbled upon a website that I wanted to visit at a later date at home. The computer is a communal use one and is fairly locked down to the users. What to do? I thought about taking a picture of the web address when it hit me, why not copy the web address and create a QR code that I could scan with my phone and then bookmark or save the website to a note. There were plenty of free text to QR code generators available online. I copied the web address, pasted it into the QR code generator, and my phone went right to the site. Just a couple of quick steps saved me a lot of retyping the site from a picture.

I hope this helps a few people out when trying to save a webpage from a computer that is not your own.


Nice solution! I figure you didn’t email the link to yourself because you didn’t trust if there was or wasn’t a keylogger loaded on the machine. I probably would have went straight to snapping a picture of the URL but that then would have required typing out the URL from the image whereas your copy/paste into the QR code generator site gets you error free URL copies.

Thanks for sharing.


Nice, I will give it a try.
I typically use the “share” function and txt the site to my phone or email.
I have the same txt tool in Chrome on my desktop.


@donkjr That is a great idea too. The computer I was using would not allow me to use my private email and our company email is highly scrutinized. This allowed me to take a web page on a computer that I did not have any personal access to and transfer the information to my phone.


Chome browser did the trick for me:


Unfortunately that function has been removed from the browser by IT. In healthcare, they are really worried about being compromised. I am surprised I can get to a few of my favorite sites unfettered.

Not all “healthcare” are that concerned. I remember when a dangerous exploit for Internet Explorer was out and even the NSA was telling businesses to use another browser until Microsoft fixed it(which took months). I was at my health provider and noticed they were using Internet Explorer to login and I asked if they also had an Internet connection and she said yes. I told her of the exploit and NSA warning and got “our IT department is very good and blah blah blah”. A week or two later and they were taken down by a virus exploit, American Express and CNN were two public attacks.

Granted, some businesses now take security serious and have a department specifically for that but it blew me away how bad and ignorant the healthcare provider was.

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