How do you level your bed?

How do you level your bed?

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Automatic bed leveling is the next killer feature that will be found on all commercial filament printers. It’s a problem that has been solved a few dozen times already; there are just so many ways you can go about it. The Printrbot uses an inductive…

With standard induction probe on #printrbot.

LOVE my modded @Printrbot Simple Maker with auto-bed leveling using an induction probe.

The only problem I sometimes have is if the nozzle has a bit of dried filament at the tip, it can push on the bed so that the probe never senses it.

But now that I write this, if I turn the tip temperature to the print temp before doing the leveling I should be fine ! Need to find how to change this sequence in repetier.

I’m getting ready to get rid of the microswitch for the z-axis. It’s very inconsistent! One week i compensate with. 3mm, the next I have to compensate with .8mm. It’s all over the place and I can’t figure out why.

I think I trammed using an indicator. Once set, it’s stayed set so far.

@Nathan_Walkner thanks, I’ll try that…