How do you guys dry your (ABS) filament?

(Michael Weber) #1

How do you guys dry your (ABS) filament?
Have you thought of using a hairdryer just before you use it?
Many times I’ve read people are drying it in their oven…but as I don’t have any, I need another workaround to get it dry before printing :wink:

(Rien Stouten) #2

I have been using ABS for more than a year now, and never had to dry the filament. In all kinds of weather, and never noticed any differences. I think it is only for pla, and nylon. But if you want to experiment, why don’t you use a box with a hole cut out for a blowdryer?

(Harry Rabin) #3

I’ve never had to dry ABS, and my ABS has sat through 3 printers including the rigidbot, the first two returned because they sucked.

(Harry Rabin) #4

You might not be using quality plastic

(Harry Rabin) #5

But a hairdryer on hot or heat gun on low should work, because my PLA dries like that.

(Michael Weber) #6

@Harry_Rabin at the moment I’m not using any plastics :wink:
Just orderes my first roll of ABS as I now have time to build my first 3d printer…

So it wasn’t ABS that has to be dried, PLA it was? I couldn’t remember exactly :slight_smile:

(Alexey Kurilov) #7

I don’t sure about ABS, but dry a nylon. Hair dryer is so loud. I use my hot bed on printer for dry. Just set Z at top, put nylon on table and close it with cardboard box without floor (have one from PLA filament). Set bed temp to 80C and wait 1-2 hours. That’s all. Very quiet and safe.

(Kenneth Cummings) #8

I use a converted 30 gallon drum with bags of silica gel from a craft shop in the bottom . It holds all of my filament PLA, ABS, Nylon whether they need drying or not. I only saw steam, once, from the sample of nylon that dame with the Bukito.