How did this sneak past me?

How did this sneak past me?

Good find. How fast does it run on the BBB?

No idea. Building now.

I finally managed to get webrtc audio to run on the BBB with less than 50% CPU, not easy… So I’m very curious to see if Chrome on that platform will be useable.

Yeah, I can feel you there on speed. I finally get Minecraft running on the Black, but it’s too slow to use without proper OpenGL calls. Hurmph.

And doesn’t the Debian build come with a chop-shopped version of Chromium native?

So for those playing at home. I built a copy, flashed it to an SD card, even tried to terminal in, but it defaults to internal anyway.
Not sure where the fail point is, but I can’t bring an image to the party unfortunately, and Chromium OS needs to work out a few kinks yet.