Houston, we have a problem.... it's what I found after a working hour about...

(Dario Marrini) #1

Houston, we have a problem… it’s what I found after a working hour about… Kossel, pla 1.75, 195°C, 0.15 layer, travel speed was settled to 80 mm/sec, I’ve set 60 now, may be some loss steps, because of too much travel speed, do you agree?


(Michael Scholtz) #2

Yes, probably start at 45-50 mms

(Pamela Hauff) #3

I use a travel speed of 130mm/sec. not sure what your doing?

(Dario Marrini) #4

I used that speed too, then I tried to reduce it, I’ve set 60 now, but the problem still exists. So I have to think the problem is elsewhere, I suppose a randomly problem in filament’s extrusion…

(Michael Scholtz) #5

Om not very familiar with kosel machines but it does look like you lost steps on one stepper motor. Check the voltages on the potentiometers

(Dario Marrini) #6

All voltages are set to 0.534 V, corresponding to 1.7 A limit current about, the chips have a cooler on and a fan working upon the board… I think to exclude an electronic problem, I saw the resulting work is because of a steps losing, but I think now about a filament problem, generating lost steps, I hoped to find someone having a such problem