Household battery load tester

I have amassed a crazy amount of batteries and need to weed out the good from the bad. I was thinking of making one using an Arduino but there is a nice one that seems to do everything at a decent price. Looking for input. Thanks!

Seems overpriced to me? Does it do something amazing :)!
I guess its the way it applies a load for better measurement.

This from an Amazon reviewer:

For many of you contemplating this purchase, this will be an overpriced solution to a relatively simple task. If, however, you’re neurotic and compulsive like me, this is a really top quality electronic instrument to check over 40 types of batteries. I doubt you’ll ever save enough money to justify owning it, but you’ll get a reliable solution as to whether it’s the battery or the device that is causing something not to power on.

I have a radio shack tester that I am sure I did not pay that much for that has worked for me for years. Tests all types of batteries. I don’t like that it has leads instead of a clamp.

I have looked at this style many time and never pulled the trigger:

I ended up buying this one since it does load the battery to test. FYI the RadioShack testers are rated as some of the best testers available.

Make us both a C shaped spring clamp to hold the battery so that we don’t have to be annoyed by holding the leads on the battery.