Hotend tips.... I'm currently using the .4mm on my Printrbot Simple Metal.

(Brandon Cramer) #1

Hotend tips… I’m currently using the .4mm on my Printrbot Simple Metal. What would the advantage be in using the .2mm tip? Would it make this #3DBENCHY turn out any better?

(Christopher R Ullger) #2

I cant be much help but I am hoping to print this out on my M3D printer tonight using PLA… Hopefully it goes well

(Brandon Cramer) #3

These are kind of fun to print. I’d like to print a bunch of them next time I go to Cabo and hand them out to little kids.

(Christopher R Ullger) #4

Yeah I’ve been printing little Android & Apple figures and giving them out at my local library the kids and even adults love those!

(Andre Courchesne) #5

Tag @Printrbot and @Brook_Drumm in your post. they will contribute I am sure.

(Rob Taylor) #6

Brandon if my understanding of filament printing technology us correct, a smaller nozzle size would give you greater horizontal accuracy and smaller minimum wall size. But it comes at a cost. As you know anytime you reduce the amount or size of the extrusion you increase the overall print time. In this case doubling it at least. Also a smaller nozzle makes you more prone to improper or uneven extrusion due to particle build up or clogging. I’ve considered it myself but unless the printer is also accurate at that size, benefit will not be realized.

(Tomáš Vít) #7

Nice print, looking forward to my Simple Metal kit with heated bed. It’s on the long way from Printrbot US to Central Europe. I will make Make’s test models with original nozzle during summer (I hope, :wink:

(Brandon Cramer) #8

@Rob_Taylor1 I guess I should just try it. The #3DBENCHY will probably take all day. @Tomas_Vit I’m very happy with the Simple Metal 3D Printer. I’ve been printing non stop since February. I might have to try printing a couple of those items.

(Brandon Cramer) #9

@Paulo_Kiefe I may give it a try just to see how it does. Thanks for the information.