Homing and entry point in ChiliPeppr

Hey All, Im very new to CNC, have dont a little bit of 3d modelling etc with fusion and just recently purchased a second hand CNC. Machine seems to be running well and works fine, its just the operator.

The CNC is from what i can tell an x-carve clone on a tinyg controller.

What I have been trying to work out for the last few weeks which I have not been able to work out for the life of me, I have sent an entry point in Fusion 360 to the bottom left corner of a work piece. I have manually set the z height, and x/y to start at the bottom left of the work piece however from what i can tell, chilipeppr doesnt know that is the case and moves the cutter way off the work piece and starts cutting. I have drawn something out to hopefully explain this a little better.

Does anyone have thoughts as to how i can correct this? Full disclosure, the limit switches arent hooked up and I havent run through a homing cycle as yet. If this is the answer, I will pull my finger out and do this sooner rather than later.

Perhaps your work coordinates and machine coordinates are offset from each other? Keep in mind ChiliPeppr doesn’t do anything other than send Gcode to your controller and get back data from your controller. So this is your controller, not ChiliPeppr. Can you post a full screenshot, especially the Axes widget and make sure it shows your machine coordinates from the Grbl widget as well in the screenshot.

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Hey John, thanks for the reply. Im sure thats the issue but for the life if me i havent been able to work it out.

As you can see from the screenshot, point 1 is where Chilipeppr wants to start from yet point 2 is the entry point/point which i have set (i think i know how to do this) as home through Chilipeppr.

Thanks for checking this out.

I think you need to reset your home position in your gcode generating software. It’s pretty clear to me from the screenshot that your 0 position is not the lower left corner. Maybe post screenshot from your cad app.