Hi there guys! I'd like to share my blog with You.

Hi there guys! I’d like to share my blog with You. I’m writing in Polish, but as You can see there is a translate button in menu. My blog is about DIY cnc machines, some tutorials how to make gcode using free tools like eagle, inkscape, sketchup and others.
This post is about making new “Z” axis mechanism.

Anything on 4 and 5 axis machining with free software?

Emc2 for examlpe.

I guess I was unclear:
“Anything for generating g-code for 4 and 5 axis machining.”

Actually I have never search for software for 4/5 axis milling, so never heard about something free like this. I have 3 axis milling machine, so I don’t need more than EMC2 and few free programs like sketchup or qcad+blender. You need some kind of CAM software to make gcode for 5 axis machines.