Hi people!  Thanks to y milord  ,

Hi people! Thanks to @y_milord , the config widget now has support for 6 motors and 5 axis!

Hot! Does it auto show those tabs only if you’re on a TinyG that supports that many motors?

No, at least not yet. I’ll add that (or someone else??) but I didn’t want to hold it back.
I’m actually in the middle of another change (showing units) … it should be easy but of course it isn’t … it blows my 2-column design for some reason.

maybe change your layout to use col-xs classes instead which means no wrapping occurs.

Tried it. I tried a lot … to the point that I gave up and let it be a single column. But in the end that’s going to be a problem.
I have to figure out if it is something to do with the addon class for the units or something else.
If you’re really interested I’ll put the code back in jsfiddle (unpublished). I wasn’t willing to drag you in to it yet. I feel like I do that too much as is.

I feel like this is going to confuse a bunch of people. We should figure out how to hide this unless someone knows what they are doing.

How about keeping ?v9=true, or perhaps a ?G2=true switch active until ALL the enhancements enabled by G2 sort themselves out?

Riley, I agree it will be confusing, and the plan IS to hide the parts that don’t apply, but between waiting for that to happen and enabling people to configure v9, I chose the latter.
You communicated to me that this isn’t working on your v8 board. I tried it last night on mine and was able to change parameters. Will try again tonight … just to be complete, had you tried the utility with success before this change?

Yes I have tried it before and it worked fine before updating to the 6axis setup. I however am running a ‘preleased edge’ so not sure if thats the issue. I doubt it. Upon clicking save the dialog “success” never appears. IT DOES save the settings but you have to close the dialog manually and its not very intuitive that it actually did take the settings. This is when the error saving motor 6 message appears.

In my 'spare time" I am trying to make it a little more sensitive to the running firmware…

Just published an update that (hopefully) shows 4 motors, 4 axis for v8, 6 motors and 5 axis for v9. I don’t have a v9 to test with and can’t get the cloud version to do anything, so I’d appreciate someone trying it and letting me know…