Hi peeps! As the biggest network for 3D printing we're most likely also the

Hi peeps!

As the biggest network for 3D printing we’re most likely also the biggest producer of failed prints, while I hope you all agree that 3D printing holds great promise for a more sustainable way of manufacturing

So, we thought it was about time to give those fails a second chance. Today, we’re opening up the first three recycling Hubs in London, Breda, and Boston as a test.

The Recycling Hubs, equipped with both a shredder (Filamaker) and an extruder (Filabot), will collect failed prints from the community (through events) and turn the waste into brand new filament, which will be fed back into the community.

To raise awareness, we’re kicking off a REMAKE campaign and this is where you all (hopefully) come in. This is the idea:

Just to be clear, 3D Hubs will not make any money with this. It is purely an awareness campaign for local recycling where we hopefully get to see some awesome and funny 3D print fails from the community.

Looking forward and please let me know what you think!