Hi OpenRC Friends, i´m starting the project, first 3D printing the F1 parts.

Hi OpenRC Friends, i´m starting the project, first 3D printing the F1 parts. I´m really new on RC world, I would ask if some one can suggest me a LiPo charger for the suggested battery ( http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_23134__Turnigy_nano_tech_Shorty_4200mah_2S2P_65_130C_Hardcase_Lipo_Pack_ROAR_APPROVED.html ). Thanks!

I use a hitec x1 ac but any lipo charger that will do a 2s is fine.

Heaps around but I’m happy with my sky rc D100. This smaller S60 looks great for entry level. http://m.banggood.com/SKYRC-S60-60W-AC-Balance-Battery-Charger-Discharger-p-989405.html

FWIW, if you think you’ll get more into the hobby and drive/fly more things, I’d get something like the Hitec X4.

I started slowly getting into RC stuff and now have a few chargers laying around. And in hindsight wished I would’ve just got the X4 to begin with.

My son and I now go to indoor dirt tracks and have the need to charge multiple batteries at once. And the Hitec has been flawless.

BTW, warming printer right now to start printing the F1 car as well :wink:

+1 Hitec X4. I have it and also have these nano-tech packs.

Can’t go wrong with Hitec good price on a solid unit.

It depends on what performance you wanna reach, and how much you can afford. I would suggest a simple B6 if you are under budgeted, and a Thunder Power TP820CD if money is not a problem. I’ve used both and they work nicely

http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXFLVA&P=ML this is a decent unit that has dual charging and higher amp then you will ever use with current batteries. Never charge over 1c no matter what battery says. Always use balance charge unless you like spending money on batteries. People will say to use fast charging don’t its not much faster and causes premature battery death. cheers