Hi. My name is Ron Kenner and I live in Southern New Jersey.

Hi. My name is Ron Kenner and I live in Southern New Jersey. I would like to physically see a 3D printer in action. Is anyone on the site close to me? Does anyone have a suggestion? I am about a hour and a half from Philly. and don’t get over that much, any ideas my friends.

Look for a hackerspace/makerspace near you. I’m sure there is at least one in Philly, and most have 3D printers and monthly/weekly open-nights.

Once I receive my Peachy Printer from the Kickstarter, you’re welcome to come check it out, kind sir. I am in Gloucester county, eastern end. I have been considering an extrusion printer too, but no solid plans for one yet.

Thanks. Steve B. I may take you up on that.
Unfortunately for me I am disabled due to knee surgery until 1/30/14. I live Court House
but own a place up in EHT that I have to go to sometimes and I due therapy in EHT. would be delighted to see one of these in action, am going to try and get something soon, just learning the ropes.

Hope your recovery goes well. I, too, am still learning.

I’m a member at NextFab in Philadelphia. They have 4 active printers and a couple in various states of refurb.


The rep rap, dimension, projet and spectrum are in action frequently.

NextFab has events, show & tells and the like open for non members. Tours are also available.

They have lots of other maker toys and heavy equipment. Worth the trip.

I’m in Vegas, so sorry I can’t help but here is something that might? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57WTJOvZs9c

Thank you everyone more than I could ask for

Also there’s this: