hi i'm currently working a a 3d printer kit/part it's still heavilly in developpement.

hi i’m currently working a a 3d printer kit/part it’s still heavilly in developpement. most of the parts are made using FREEcad.
so there is the link for all the file. I’ll publish some pict of the assembly if you guys are interested
the final build volume will be 40x20x30cm.
most of the part can be made on 3dprinter OR on a CNC Machine

the whole printer will be in an enclosure for t°control and maximun rigidity

looks like a i3 prusa

More like a Wallace or Prusa Mendal.

it’s clearly based on i3 design; the main difference will be the external structure ( witch is not on the picture or git for now ) the whole printer will be in a case that will act as structure for all axes to have more rigidity and t° control during print.and the size

I see you designed the X and Y carriages with three bearings. Keep in mind that this can limit the length of the parts you attach to the carriage. The general rule ist that you can have a lever of a length of twice the distance between bearings. I had to correct this for my latest project as well http://www.hackerspace-ffm.de/wiki/index.php?title=Community_3d-Drucker_2.0
I also went back to the old original mendel design with one motor for both Z rods, mainly to get free driver capacity for extruders and a second x carriage, but it is also safer in everyday use.
Are you planning to use linear ball bearings or bronce? I found bronce bearings the better choice.

@J_DTRTR Thanks for the correction.

@Wayne_Friedt no problem, it’s clearly specified on the git repo i just forgot to says it here :wink:

@Bjorn_Marl hi , that’s good to know i wasn’t aware of that ( the lever lenght ) ; for the unique motor for the z axis i’m thinking about it; the thing is i relally want to keep the design simple with the less parts possible and especialy the less fancy / exotic part.

for know ( on the real prototype ) it’s ball bearing ( because that’s what i have in spare part ) but i’ll try the bronce one if i can