Hi, I just recieved these damn bearings :D The carriage is up and moving.

I just recieved these damn bearings :smiley:
The carriage is up and moving. Wiring is almost done.
I used the alignement tools with the printer upside down, they worked great. The carriage has a little resistance I don’t know is it due to alignement, belt tension or when I tightened the M5 screws on the belt tensioner. I’ll do some fine tuning later.

That carriage looks awesome. Nice wiring job, too!

Run the carriage into the corners by hand and check for increased resistance. If you get increased binding into corners you will want to tune the lower side rod positions to eliminate the resistance.

Also run the break-in gcode, then realign. The bushings have a little time to settle in. But once they do you will be very pleased. Once everything is right, you will know it.

Looking great. Can’t wait to see your first prints.

@Eclsnowman Thanks. The corners looks fine.
How did you generate the break-in code ? Because my print area is smaller with this carriage. Btw I can use find & replace in the gcode.

@Maxime_Favre I had the same problem. I wrote a quick break-in g-code generator for myself. It is not ready for sharing and I don’t have time to clean it up right now, but it already created some g-code I used to test my printer. Right now, it only does a large square and a small square, both at 300mm/s. If that is too fast, the speed should be easy to change with search/replace. It is for a smaller bed (e.g. 200x200mm) and is actually only going to 180x180 max. Here is a google drive link to the g-code file.

Here is the same thing with diagonals added, so both X and Y are working at the same time:

@SirGeekALot great, thanks. I will try that :wink:

I have modified @SirGeekALot Gcode for the mini space invader carriage, link in description:

Break-in seems fine, it still need some angles tuning to have perfect squares.
PID auto-tuning is done. Still waiting on the correct Z ballscrews and 3m tape for the heatpad.

@Maxime_Favre Hi Max, about the LED power wire… where did you wire on the board ? I meant which location on the board you wire with LED light. Thanks

Mines are always on so they are connected on the PS. The LEDs for the space invaders carriage are 12v so wire them in serial if your PS is 24v.
If you want to control them, use a spare mosfet