Hi I have had a Prusa i3 for a bit now and I have

Hi I have had a Prusa i3 for a bit now and I have worked through most of it’s issues that I had. I noticed some had no documentation so I wrote up a post to show the issues and how to fix them. This might help some people new to 3D-Printing or even if you have used your Prusa for a while : https://3dprinterchat.com/2016/02/how-to-fix-early-issues-with-a-prusa-i3/

I’m sorry but that is bad cable management I see wires all over especially if you say you’ve had this for awhile now?..Anyways I hope you clean it up some. Good Luck!

Another issue is the x axis belt tension. When tensioning, it will pull the two z rods closer together. This can create binding and inaccuracies. The easiest fix is x axis ends that clamp or put the belt tension on the x rods. Personally I am using the x-ends from toolson http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1036871

There is also the issue of the z rods being insufficient to withstand the acceleration of the x axis. The only fix for this is to use bigger z rods, which sadly there are no designs out there for this.

I also think that the 5mm leadscrews are insufficient. The threads are too small. I’m working on a design that uses 6mm.