Hi guys!. While doing a several hours print i got a "reset out by

Hi guys!. While doing a several hours print i got a “reset out by brown out” (or something like that). Its a azteeg x3 running marlin. Googling around i found that it might be a short on the 5v line, but im not sure about that since i found that related to gen7 boards. Any hint?, i dont wanna throw away lots of filament (again)

Could be exactly what it says from a crappy power supply or a brown out from the mains. If you are worried about it buy a good power supply if your printer didn’t come with one and possibly invest in a ups battery backup.

Good power supply, ups, cheap handheld multimeter solidly attached to the 5v line and watch to see if it drops as the system starts loading down and heating up. If it were a short it wouldn’t work at all, but if it’s overheating or drawing too much current the voltage will sag.

Thanks!, its a 12v dedicated psu, no 5v from the psu.

Maybe I should up a bit the 12v output?

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If it’s power-limited, increasing the voltage is unlikely to help, because it’ll just sag right down to the same power limit. (In fact, in many cases it’ll actually be worse: linear regulators waste more power the higher their input voltage goes.)

Its a 30 amp psu, brand new.

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That doesnt mean its a good psu. Something like a Mean Well isn’t going to give you problems with a known good mains voltage. OTOH a chinese supply might work great or not at all, you just dont know. I have a cheap chineses psu but it only heats the bed so it doesnt matter if it browns out.

You could check your 5V voltage regulator on your control board. If you can’t find it probe the VCC pin on the mcu to make sure it is 5V ± 0.2V(7805 Vout specs). Afaik, brown out has to do with the mcu voltage dropping below a certain thresh-hold. I have a hard time believing that the 12V from the power supply is dropping low enough for the voltage regulator to not give a good 5V out. A good 5V regulator should keep a low power mcu like the atmega2560 running even with a crappy power supply I would think. I use the 30A “psu for led strip light” from China and it works great for powering everything on my printer.

I have the same psu, 30 amps for leds. I hooked a multimeter to my lcd power input, i read 4.65V average. So, its a bit low. I will check with Roy from panucatt about tweaking that on a azteeg X3.

I had a problem like this, it was a short on the heated bed, the psu can handle it for a certain time, but then it overloads the ptc fuse in the psu and switches it off. You should check for shorts everywhere.