Hi guys, Thinking of an upgrade to my K40.

(David Wakely) #1

Hi guys,

Thinking of an upgrade to my K40.

I am looking at a SH-350 which is a 50w from Shenhui.


It’s a good price. Just wondered if anyone has used one or know of any good or bad points?


(Fadi Kahhaleh) #2

That is a good price indeed. However I have opted out from buying a bigger machine, I am seriously thinking of building one. (using http://openbuilds.com build logs, I have my eye set on FreeBurn v2 probably)

But again, my specs require a machine with a much bigger cut bed, so I am looking easily at 5-8K for such a machine, that is why building it myself makes sense to me.

(Flash Laser) #3

can not send you pic here, show I will publish the pics about the 40W mini laser machine with honeycomb, please pay attention on it. thanks.